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The Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council offers several granting programs with funding from the MN State Legislature, general fund, Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and the McKnight Foundation.  

Timeline for Fiscal Year: July 1–June 30

Prairie Lakes is using an online grant process for all grant applications, contracts and final reports. First time users will be asked to register and create a grant account.  Details are listed below.

Applications for the following Grant Categories will be available throughout the year with specific deadlines for each.

July 1–May 1

Small Arts Project Grant & Arts-In-Education Grant
Monthly deadlines or until funds are exhausted.

August 1 Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant
October 1 Youth Scholarship, grades 7–12, $300
November 1 Youth Scholarship, grades 3–6, $200
September 15

Professional Mid-Career Artist Grant, $3,000

January 15 Artist Career Development Grant, $1,000
February 1 Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant
Applicant Login

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I. Online Grant Applicant Login
For instructions on how to create an account and how to use the online grant system:

Watch the Applicant Tutorial

II. To View a Written Description of the Online Login Process for Grant Applications and How to Set Up an Account:


A. View Printed Description for Organizations (PDF)

B. View Printed Description for Artists (PDF)

C. Click for Prairie Lakes List of Grants (PDF)


III. All Grant Programs and Forms are Listed Below 

Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant:

Complete the Online Application for Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant

Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council will have one grant program called Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant, with three categories of funding, and we will award grants in several categories: Arts Programming and Arts Access (primarily for arts organizations and community groups), Arts Education (primarily for schools, community groups and youth) and Arts and Cultural Heritage Festivals. Grant maximums are stated in the guidelines.  

A variety of activities including art and music festivals, community choirs, dance performances, literary readings, instrumental and vocal music concerts, theater productions, visual art classes and exhibitions are eligible. Schools can apply for artist residencies, performances and arts related field trips.  
Proposals are for arts programming by an organization; defined as maintaining on-going arts programs and services, and offering new and different activities; and equipment that enhances the artistic capabilities of the organization.  Equipment may include office equipment and software, instruments, risers, theater lighting, theater curtains, sound system, display cases, etc.  This also includes public art, sculpture, murals, etc; and activities that plan to reach new audiences such as youth, ethnic groups, senior citizen groups, etc. and engage the public in new ways. A 50% cash match is required.

  1. Open and print the ACH Guidelines (PDF)

  2. ACH Application Questions (Microsoft Word Document)

  3. ART PROJECT BUDGET to be used for ACH Grants
    Download Microsoft Excel Version

  4. Survey for ACH Grantees (Required)
    Download Microsoft Word Version OR Download Rich Text Format (for Mac Users)

  5. Click to access the new Legacy logo

Youth Scholarship, Grades 7–12 and Grades 3–6:

Complete the Online Application for the Youth Scholarship

The Youth Scholarship of $300 for grades 7-12 and $200 for grades 3-6, will provide select students the opportunity to study their chosen art with a practicing professional artist, attend an arts workshop, series of classes or special training opportunity. Students in grades 7-12 must be participating with an instructor, an organization or arts discipline for at least 2 years to be eligible. Students in grades 3-6 must be participating for at least one year to be eligible. The scholarship can also be used to take lessons or pay fees to a non-profit arts organization serving youth (i.e. Area Art Centers, Dance Conservatory of Southern MN, Figure Skating Clubs, Mankato Area Youth Symphony Orchestra, Mankato Ballet Company, Mankato Children’s Chorus, Mankato or New Ulm Suzuki School of Music, other groups which offer art classes to youth, etc.). Artistic areas include: dance, literature, media arts, music, theater and visual arts. Students may not use this scholarship to participate in a school or organization band or choir trip, or other arts or music trips. The application for grades 7-12 is due October 1 and grades 3-6 is due November 1. There is only one deadline per year for each scholarship program.

    1. Open and print the Youth Scholarship Guidelines (PDF)

    2. Youth Scholarship Application Questions (Microsoft Word Document).

    3. Download, save and email the appropriate form to your instructor:
      Grades 7-12 Student Recommendation Form or Grades 3-6 Student Recommendation Form (Microsoft Word Documents). When the form is complete, upload it into your application.

    4. Youth Scholarship Students: To View a Written Description of the Online Process for Grants funded and the Follow Up Forms, for the Contract and Final Report. View Now (PDF)

Small Arts Project Grant:

Complete the Online Application for the Small Arts Project Grant

Small Arts Project Grant: Non-profit arts organizations, community groups, or public organizations producing or sponsoring arts activities for their community are eligible. Matching grants $200 to $2,000 are available. Money is allocated to each county under this program. Deadline: The 1st of each month, July 1 to May 1 or until funds are exhausted.

  1. Open and print the Small Arts Guidelines (PDF)

  2. Small Arts Application Questions (Microsoft Word Document)

  3. ART PROJECT BUDGET to be used for Small Arts Grants
    Download Microsoft Excel Version

Arts-in-Education Grant:

Complete the Online Application for the Arts-In-Education Grant

Arts-in-Education Grant: Grants are for public and private schools K–12. Matching grants $200 to $2,000 are available to fund residencies, live art performances, mini-workshops or arts related field trips. Deadline: The 1st of each month, July 1–May 1.

  1. Open and print the Arts-In-Education Guidelines (PDF)

  2. Arts-In-Education Application Questions (Microsoft Word Document)

  3. ART PROJECT BUDGET to be used for Arts-In-Education Grants
    Download Microsoft Excel Version

Professional Mid-Career Artist Grant or Artist Career Development Grant:

There is one application for both types of grants, select the category that you are applying for.

Complete the Online Application for the Professional Mid-Career Artist Grant or Artist Career Development Grant

  1. Open and print the Artist Guidelines (PDF)

  2. Artist Application Questions (Microsoft Word Document)

  3. Artist Budget Form
    Download Microsoft Excel Version

These programs are made possible by funds provided by the McKnight Foundation under a program designed and administered by the PLRAC. Artists must have been a resident of the nine county PLRAC region for a minimum of 12 months prior to application, and don’t plan to move out of the area during the term of the grant. Applications are encouraged from artists in all art disciplines, including dance literature, media arts, music, theater, visual art, etc.

Professional Mid-Career Artist Grant

Application Deadline: September 15th. This grant provides mid-career and beyond artists with financial support that enables them to further their work and their contribution to their communities. It is intended to recognize, reward, and encourage outstanding individual artists in the region. Applicants are expected to demonstrate professional achievement in their disciplines. Professional mid-career and beyond artist defined: professional achievement includes, but is not limited to: juried exhibitions, performances, and publications. Eligible artists are beyond the “emerging” stage in their careers. They have proved to be deeply engaged in their art form and may be ready to take a new “leap” in their career. This project grant can support a broad range of study or activities, including exploration of new directions, continuation of work already in progress, or accomplishment of work not financially feasible otherwise. An artist may choose to take time for solitary work or reflection, engage in collaborative or community projects, embark on travel or research, or pursue other activity that contributes to their life as an artist. One Letter of Recommendation is required with this grant.

Artist Career Development Grant

Application Deadline: January 15th. This project grant provides financial support to developing artists committed to advancing their work and careers. Artists in their formative stages of development are eligible, as well as artists expanding their present work, advancing in skill, technique and/or moving in a new direction. Grants of $1,000 are available in all art disciplines for specific projects that contribute directly to the artist's growth and development as a professional artist. Funds may be used for supplies, matting and framing, mentorships, workshops, training, research, or equipment.